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Compensation: 5350 USD
Age: 21-45 years old
BMI:  18 kg/m2-28 kg/m2.

Period #  Dates
Period 1 Check In
Between 15:00-17:00
Check Out 16-Nov-17
Period 2 Check In
Between 15:00-17:00
Check Out 04-Dec-17
Period 3 Check In
Between 15:00-17:00
Check Out 22-Dec-17
Period 4 Check In
Between 15:00-17:00
Check Out 09-Jan-18

Compensation up to: $5,600. USD
Age: 18 to 55 years of age
BMI: 18.0 kg/m2 to 30.0 kg/m2, inclusive, with a body weight at least 50 kg
Non-Smoking Healthy Males & Females
Total of Periods: 3 Periods (9 day confinement period) & 3 return per period

 Screening Dates: 16-Oct, 17-Oct, 18-Oct, 19-Oct, 20-Oct &21-Oct-17

 Study Dates:

Period 1 Period 2 Period 3
Check-in (15:00) 24-Oct-17 10-Nov-17 27-Nov-17
Day 1 Dosing 25-Oct-17 11-Nov-17 28-Nov-17
Check-out 02-Nov-17 19-Nov-17 06-Dec-17
Return 1 (approx. 1 to 1.5 hr based on dosing time) 03-Nov-17 20-Nov-17 07-Dec-17
Return 2 (approx. 1 to 1.5 hr based on dosing time) 04-Nov-17 21-Nov-17 08-Dec-17
Return 3 (approx. 1 to 1.5 hr based on dosing time) 05-Nov-17 22-Nov-17 09-Dec-17



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